Anekdote apps are offered as SaaS (Software as a Service), which includes setup, real-time publishing, support, updates, and continuous development of new functionality.

This allows the app owner to focus solely on content, moderation, advertising and user management.

With the least possible effort, app owners can get an almost maintenance-free app with their own branding.

Anekdote can also develop further functionalities to our solution on demand and based on individual clients needs, to be integrated into the apps.


1. Easy to create, easy to update

2. Cost – 1-10% compared to the price of a standard mobile app

3. Shorten project time from months to minutes – Faster go to market, lower internal costs and project management time

4. We manage all updates with the app stores – Your app will always be up and running

5. Own your customer contacts, fans or members

6. Module building – Choose functionalities for your app and build your business over time.

7. Environmentally conscious apps with longer lifespan

8. Profit from your network directly and make them feel part of your community