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Build your own iOS and Android app instantly

Anekdote Beta has just launched! Sign in and get creative, test your app in our QR-code scanner and contact us when time to publish or if you have any questions.

This is Anekdote Apps

Sign up

Sign up and go through our easy onboarding in a few steps!

Configure your app

Design your app, choose your modules and start creating your content and ads.

Test and Publish!

Test the app, then send the app for review to Play Store and App Store!


Apps are for everyone, not only the tech savvy and the bigger corporations. We have built the Anekdote App Manager to create a cheaper and easier way to connect to your fans, followers, members and customers.

For Artists

Build your fanbase, share experiences and release songs for your audience directly!

For Companies

Benefit of all native functions of an app, launch campaigns and segregate information for customers, resellers and colleagues!

For Organisations

Take care of your network in a members only app, show ads and keep them updated via push notifications.

For Communities

The social media feature combined with Patreon integrations in a secure environment will grow your community AND your revenue.

iOS and Android

Our Apps

The apps consist of several features and modules which can be turned on or off depending on what you need. We will continously add new features for our customers, such as Patreon, Shopify and more!


Branded App

Set your own colors, fonts and images, make it yours!

Member Signup

Keep out the trolls, and secure your app via a members’ login. Anekdote lets you be in control of your own customer data.


Apply the Ads Module and profit on your own network, instead of only letting big corps use your content for their gain.

Push Notification

Send push notifications to your members, new products, music concerts nearby, game updates.

Menu and Pages

Extremely intuitive UX that lets you build content in the app. Add text, images, videos and links!

User Access Groups

Set user groups and assign these to members and pages. This will let you customize the app pages towards customers, resellers, colleagues, or sports teams, super fans etc.